Farm radio has a long tradition in Canada, serving farmers across the country with reliable information and creating a sense of community and professionalism. George Atkins was the voice of CBC’s noon farm radio broadcast for 25 years, and at the core of this movement. His experience with farm radio in Canada inspired him to support farm radio broadcasters in developing countries as well.

Since 1979, Farm Radio International has being doing this work by developing script packages, training programs and other radio resources for farm radio broadcasters. This network has grown to more than 600 broadcasters in 39 African countries.

Today, with offices and major projects in nine African countries, we also building knowledge, shifting attitudes and changing agricultural practices through projects and campaigns addressing specific development challenges.

We are also focused on modernizing and re-thinking radio, transforming it into a two-way communication tool through innovative uses of technology.

Our mission is to support African broadcasters to provide radio services that share knowledge and amplify the voices of small-scale farmers, their families and their communities. To do this work, we partner with African broadcasters, farmers’ groups and researchers.

Our award-winning participatory radio campaigns have been proven to increase farmers’ knowledge of improved farming practices, help them make decisions to adopt these practices and ensure that they realize the benefits of introducing these practices on their farms. Our research shows that farmers who hear about a new practice over the radio are five times more likely to adopt it.